Saturday, July 17, 2010

We'll Be Right Back

We are getting a lot of DOTS tonight, sometimes right at the end of a strategy conversation, which is odd.

I heard Lane discussing the POV competition with Hayden.  Apparently they all dressed up in shirts and ties (see earlier posts and pictures today) and had to stick their arm through a hole in a wall and hold up a briefcase.  Lane said that both Britney and Monet could stick their whole arm in there, but he could only go a little higher than his wrist and it hurt.

(Yet another game leveler, courtesy of BB.  When will the big boys learn to be humble about the comps?)

Anyway, I think all the losers got an envelope.  Kristin was sure they were all getting prizes (she didn't play) but it sounds like the envelopes contained punishments.  So far I have heard about laying with water dripping on your forehead, and also having to stand at a guillotine.  I think everybody but Britney has to do it.

Sounds like a bell is going to ring and they all have to rush outside and do it together.  I thought maybe that was the reason why we keep getting DOTS, but I don't think the punishments have started yet.

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