Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wake Up Call

BB just gave them a wake-up call so we had DOTS.

When the cameras came back it looked like only Ragan got up and at 'em.  He was chatting briefly with Brendon, and then went on to the BR to start the day.

[Ragan looked thrilled to be greeted with a clean shiny Brendon first thing in the morning.]

Now Brendon is picking up towels outside and putting them in the washer.  It looks like people are just throwing shit all over the place out there.  Like a hurricane hit.  Brendon found his socks out there, so he's not innocent.

Ragan is tired but does not want the coffee offered by Brendon.  (Whaatt?  No coffee?)

They sit on the outside couches outside and chat about how hot is is in the Valley over the summer.  I can see movement in one of the BR, but the room is still dark.

Brendon:  It is kind of nice to be out here by myself, nice and quiet with no one talking game.

Ragan:  I know....I dreamed about it last night.

I guess they are talking about Enzo chattering nonstop last night (or some other guy) about strategy, etc.

Brendon:  I flipped this house upside down, didn't I?  By winning....

Ragan:  Yeah.  But in a good way.

Brendon is turning on some hose and putting it in the hot tub, I guess to clean it.  I was looking away when he did it and it sounded like someone was hitting a bong out there.  Now that would be exciting !  Stoned HG waking and baking in the BY.

Ragan:  I don't want to get too specific, but one of the things that is annoying me is how willing some people are to throw other people under the bus.

Brendon:  Oh, totally dude.

Ragan:  Again, without getting specific, I think Hayden's choice is very important in terms of  how he can throw somebody up that will really reveal their true colors.  I think people are already starting to...

Brendon: You know what's soon as I won the POV people have started acting weird around me.

[Ragan looks MUCH older than he is.  He needs to take better care of his skin and probably hydrate constantly.]

Now they talk about how Andrew is trying hard and struggling to fit in and he is being treated like crap.  He knows that Enzo is talking crap about him and it is uncomfortable.  Brendon has felt like he doesn't fit in, either, so he understands.  Ragan does, too.  He's been the scapegoat before and understands.

Brendon mentions that Andrew is struggling to maintain his religion, and the cameras immediately shift to a dark bedroom

Not kosher, BB, to discuss that?

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