Friday, July 30, 2010


as some sort of competition gets underway in the backyard.  A house food competition?  A luxury challenge?  A little bit of both?

The answer, of course is Pepperoni, which is kind of a stupid name for a dog.  Pumpkin or Peanut would be fine, but Pepperoni?  I think not.

Before the break, Hayden was in the HOH room with both Brendon and Rachel.  I listened as much as I could, but had a client call me and I had to turn down the sound for awhile.

Basically, Rachel likes Hayden and doesn't want to nominate him with Kristin.  Hayden wants to know who else they would nominate and I don't think he ever got a straight answer.  (Previously with the Brigade, Hayden said he would want to be nominated next to Kristin so he doesn't have to vote against her, for Jury House reasons.  And probably tits-and-ass reasons--no need to be deprived in that Jury House.)

They went round and round and Hayden wouldn't name any names.  He is kind of losing his cool, because Rachel asked him who in the house he likes.

Hayden:  I like Lane....and Enzo.......and Matt......and also Ragan.....but these are people that I like, I don't know how they feel about me.

(Way to call out the Brigade, Hayden.)

Just the other day Hayden scolded Matt because when they pulled their keys when Matt was HOH, they were all one right after another.

Rachel told Hayden that she felt that if Enzo or Lane had won HOH, both she and Brendon would be on the block.

A little earlier, Rachel was very lucidly describing her thoughts about some of the HG with Brendon. With Lane, she has watched him compete in three POVs, and he was out the first round every time.  And when he was in the final against her for HOH last night, she felt like it was by default.  (true)  So she's not sure about him---is just not good under pressure?  Or is he holding back?

(Sounds like Lane is a nomination candidate.)

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