Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trivia Time

Well, you know that when we see BB Trivia, we aren't going to see what is going on in there for a long time.

(BTW, the answer to the above question is Natalie---Chatty Natty who provided sexual favors to Matt, who is now a jailbird.)

Oh, but we just saw this little piece of information:

This probably means that the HG are in the BY rehearsing for the competition tonight.  This is also quite common.  They won't know the content of the competition, but the format will be explained to them.  They will be instructed where to stand, how to push the buttons, and most importantly:  how to behave.  (i.e. no shout outs, cursing, etc).

The next time we see the HG, they will be scurrying around getting dressed for the show.  Nerves will be high.  It will be their first time live and it is a Big Deal.  

Prediction:  If Enzo makes a blunder with his language, it will be many, many weeks before the Chenbot allows him to speak on camera again.  

I hope that Hayden fixes his hair for TV.  I know that Rachel's cleavage will be screaming tonight.  Will Annie wear her gladiator sandals?

Plea to Julie Chen:  Please, please please do not ask Rachel and Brendon about their showmance.  I'm begging you Julie.

On a personal note, I am quite aggravated that I have a business dinner to go to tonight.  I just can't get out of it, as any excuse involving my needing to watch Big Brother, much less watch the live feeds, would not be considered acceptable and might hurt my livelihood.  I am going to make myself come home and watch the CBS show before I go online to watch the feeds.  I really want to enjoy the suspense of finding out who the Saboteur is, and who will be evicted (although I am pretty sure I know the answer to both).

Prediction:  Eviction - Annie Whittington,  Saboteur - Matt Hoffman

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