Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tiolet Gate

Matt wants to hold a house meeting to determine the culprit.

Enzo thinks that it is not a Have Not---it is someone who has been "eatin' lots of shit in here".  Now he starts to cast aspersions on the jarred baby food eaters.  (Andrew).

Enzo:  I'm scared to take my next shit..it's hurtin' me.

Brendon:  Why, cause you get it on your back?  (ha ha he thinks Enzo did it).

Matt says he was talking about this a few minutes ago and describing the situation (see earlier posts) and when he walked in the DR and sat down, the guy said "toilet brush?".

Ha ha ha

Matt:  I hope we get to see footage of this when we get out of here----maybe who did it because this is worse than the Saboteur--much worse than anything Annie did in here!  The placement of is..I just want to know how that happened.  Maybe this will be Julie's clip on Thursday?

Brendon:  Maybe the Saboteur is working with someone in the house!

Matt, in Saboteurs' voice:  Two of you are life long friends. One of you has explosive shit!

Hayden doesn't have much to say about it...maybe he's guilty?
Or maybe he's worried it's Kristin, and that could be a deal breaker for him.  ha ha ha

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