Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tidbits from Last Night

I watched/listened to some flashbacks from last night and early this morning.  Here are a few items of note.

1.  BB really prodded the HG to get in bed around 1:00 am.  Usually many of them would just be getting started at that hour, but BB wants to be sure they are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today.  Basically, they need to be up before noon today.

2.  This house is full of BB scholars, and Ragan was talking with them about what challenges happened in week #4 in previous seasons, and who won them.  They discussed the situation in previous seasons where the HG were awakened all night long, at 30 minute intervals (I think it was actually 15 minute intervals.) with recorded wake-up messages.  Rachel said they all know to stay awake and listen, and that "the jig is up".

Ragan:  They really need some new games.  I mean, c'mon BB...

[I read some pre-season interviews where Allison Grodner said they plan to mix it up this year, and not be so predictable for the players and the fans.  I hope that is the case.]

3.  Brendon, Rachel, Ragan and Britney lounged in the HOH and Brendon made one last pitch to keep Andrew in the house.  Part of his twisted logic includes declaring that Andrew is not coming after him, but I don't think Ragan is buying it.

Ragan, waving his hands:  Let me tell you, your logic, and what you are saying, is not near as logical as what I'm saying!  I want to know where I stand with people, and with Andrew I don't know that!

4.  Britney had an HOH room conversation with Lane about how she can't seem to click with Kristin.  She has tried and tried to find some sort of conversational bond, but Kristin doesn't try at all.  She brings up again Kristin's farting and burping openly in the house as some sort of great divide in human relations.

Lane:  Look, that's not the kind of girl that I would date outside of here, but sometimes you have to fake it---you have to pretend---this is a game.

5.  Andrew and Kathy packed their suitcases last night, and it seemed the ice between them had cracked. Maybe Kathy has figured out she doesn't need to worry tonight, but she is definitely in a jovial mood.  

(BB has them pack their suitcase with most of their stuff the day before the Live Show, and put it in the storage room.  They only carry out their BB duffel bags when evicted Live. I guess BB doesn't want anything left up to chance on Thursday, since the show is live.)

(Remember when Marcellas didn't even pack his duffel on BB3, because that dumbass was so sure he was staying?  He stalked around the house grabbing shit like his new jeans, etc, and was a big fat mess.)

6.  Kathy offered to leave Enzo a pack of cigarettes.  I guess he is a party smoker and has bummed a few this season (as did Annie and Kristin, at least). 

Enzo:  I don't even know if I'd smoke 'em...maybe keep them for luck..

Kathy:  I'm going to put them right here, in the back of this drawer.

7. Hayden is messing with Kathy and asking her to leave a pair of used socks so he can sell them on Ebay.  Kathy thought this was gross and said she would leave a hairbrush or pony tail holder instead.  Hayden argued with her about this while he was in the shower, and she said that Hayden's mom would agree with her and thank her for this.  No one is going to sleep with Kathy's socks...

8.  Brendon is really hoping he can eat on Thursday night, before the Have Not competition on Friday.  Otherwise it isn't fair...  (I'm guessing the whole house will compete for various food prizes---they need a break from the Have Nots..)

9.  Britney said that "someone told her that this year's sequester house is different than last year's, and it is spectacular."

I am leaving for a few hours to meet a client, but I plan to be well on my way home tonight before Rush Hour.  Live Show Night is a big party at my house.

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