Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunny and Cloudy at the Same Time

Kristin is her usual talkative, entertaining self outside today.
Meanwhile the Mean Girls go to town talking about her.

Britney: ...because she farts and burps and that's cool.....she thought getting boobs would make it better, but it didn't...

Monet still talks about leaving early.  Britney says don't be silly---don't waste $10K by doing that---I would stay here all summer for 10 G's---as it is I lost my frickin' job to be here....
With an ass like that, I don't think Monet should spend one minute crying.

Britney:  She thinks she is soooooo hot.  And she's gaining weight...(Kristin)

Monet:  I hope she blows up in here.

Britney discusses how Kristin has little skinny bird's legs and a big body.  Monet says she was needy and desperate to get those boobs.

Monet:  I'll tell you something else, they better have their finger on that Mute button when I leave.   I won't scream or curse, but they better have their finger on that button....

Britney:  Are you going to hug anybody?

Monet:  I don't know....

Monet:  I don't know who these people think they are....

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