Thursday, July 22, 2010

Special Guest on Skype With Chelsia and Missy

With Chelsia and Missy.  It is Jen Johnson from BB8 and she is apparently a surprise guest.
She looks good and says she is watching BB this year, but isn't really interested in it.  Chelsia says that something big may happen tonight, and things may change.  I am guessing that ratings may be down this year, and they say that may be because we want to see strong gameplay, rather than constant showmance crap.
Jen has a new boyfriend that she sees everyday (she and Nick broke up) and she has a real job now.  She works for Landmark Company doing online media and also a little bit for the Reality Wanted website.  She also does periodic nanny work, but the kids she used to nanny are 13 and 16 years old.

She talks to Eric Stein from her season from time-to-time, and also hangs out with Danielle Donato once in awhile since they both live in Huntington Beach.   She doesn't talk to Nick, since he has a "stern rule" against talking to his exes.  Chelsia was uncomfortable with asking that question, so they all seem relieved to get the topic out of the way.

Jen interviewed Chima last year before she went into the house and barely recognized her on the show---her whole attitude changed in the house and she never imagined that it would turn out the way it did. 

They asked her who she wanted to win HOH tonight and Jen kind of snapped that they should have preinterviewed her.  (It's not like that is a hard question, Jen.)  Jen finally said Britney.  Missy thinks she should team up with Andrew once Monet is gone.

Jen doesn't even know all of the guys names on the show, so I guess she doesn't care about it.  She just referred to someone as "that guy".  Ha ha ha.  Maybe they should prescreen the guests a little more. (Turns out "that guy" is Lane.)

(In the house today they were talking about how Jen went batshit when she was on Slop and ate a bunch of turkey burgers and apples.)

Ooo, a caller just pointed out that Matt and Ragan have the same star tattoo, implying that they are the lifelong friends.  Is that a coincidence? 

Missy is a big cigarette smoker.  Huge surprise......

A caller just called in who knows Enzo---Enzo's wife is his niece, I think.  Joella (the wife) is more like his daughter to him, and Enzo even came to him to ask for her hand in marriage before he proposed.  This guy never watched BB before, but now he watches the Live Feeds and BBAD and is addicted. 

Missy asked him if he saw Enzo sneaking cheese even though he is a Have Not and the caller mentioned all the ketchup he eats, and the pastina he created.  He said that Enzo is a huge eater and they never have leftovers after family functions.  He has never seen Enzo cook and he is surprised that Enzo has made chicken parmesan twice in the house.  He says Enzo is playing under the radar and is the one who started the Brigade. 

This is interesting:  The caller didn't know that Enzo was coming on the show until it was announced publicly, but he received a "reference call" from someone from the show that he thought was related to a job or loan or something.  He answered the questions and had no idea that it was BB-related.

After the caller hangs up Jen pretty much says she doesn't care for Enzo because he is trying too hard to be like Chilltown with the Brigade.  Chelsia thinks he sounds just like Alex from her season if you just listen and don't watch him.

Jen is at work now and told her boss she was going to be on a call....a caller just busted her for that and it was funny.

A caller said she saw Rachel "bobbin' the knob" on the feeds and told us what camera and time to Flashback on.  I didn't write it down in time, but I don't think I would watch it, anyway.  The caller said Rachel had a "protein shake" and I am worried that I might vomit if I saw that.  No big surprises with this information---they have been getting "frisky" all the time.

They want to know if Matt's wife knew ahead of time that he was going to make up the lie.  They are all really mad about it and worry about karma---i.e. she might really get sick.  I think karma is already happening since he told a podiatrist about it---Andrew has been on the warpath for Matt for awhile because I guess he already knows Matt is lying about one thing---why not more.

OMG Big Fat Missy refers to "Edward" as her husband---the one from Twilight.  She just addressed him directly and called him Babe.  ***ugh***  Last year she had the hots for Russell and talked about him all the time.  She even confronted him for calling Jordan fat and asked him if he was biased about "big girls".

They are saying that Kristin went into the house in a relationship---I didn't know that.  I didn't really care, but i might need to start caring if Kristin is going to be around for awhile.

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