Saturday, July 10, 2010

Snack Time

in the kitchen with Annie and Brendon.  There has been much speculation about these two being in an alliance because she sleeps in the bed with him every night and makes a big production out of minimizing it.  They whisper all night, too.

(Rachel has to sleep in the Have Not room so for the time being those two can't sleep together. )

They are discussing the messages from the Saboteur.  The first message was the one on the first night.  They think that there is no way that CBS would risk the entire season on that one night, and that one act by the Saboteur (putting the padlock on the storage room).  They are both forgetting the fact that the show wasn't really live, and that BB are in control.  Supposedly the lights were off for about 20 minutes and the scene was heavily edited for telecast.

So who the hell knows.

The Saboteur also put some X's on some of the faces on the wall, but I didn't see that so I can't speak to it.

And the third message is the one about two people in the house being lifelong friends. That sounds bogus to me, since the feed watcher surely would have noticed something by now.

Britney just walked in the kitchen and had a brief conversation with them about Triscuits, cheese and constipation.  When she walked out Annie murmured: "Go spread your little gossip!"

And then when Britney walked outside she announced to someone that she just busted up some scheming in the kitchen.


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