Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sexual Tension

in the kitchen while Rachel sits with the guys.  I've included a picture of Matt, for variety.

Matt thinks she looks "like Monica", who I guess is a professional wrestler?  Or that redhead who was on the Celebrity Apprentice this year---Maria?  Rachel says she gets that a lot, even without wearing her extensions.

While snacking on a can of nuts, Rachel announces that she likes "big nuts ----Cashews, Brazil--all the big nuts".  This leads into a discussion of all the nip slips she has had, and the entire boob slippage that happened on the Slip-n-Slide.  Enzo asks if she has big nips, and she says "no, but I have big boobs"!

Duh, Rachel, duh.

Brendon does a really funny imitation of the Saboteur discussing his other acting work, and his credits.  Rachel wants to know if he is going to move out to LA when the season is over.  Ha ha ha.

Apperently Rachel is naming her showmance "Brenchel", and fears that she will be known as the "girl from Brenchel".

Enzo tries to imitate the Saboteur and says "Enzo, I really enjoyed the chicken parm you made the other night".  Ha ha ha.

They wonder if the Saboteur will ever call out any of them by name.  Rachel thinks that would be great.  Andrew is popping up here and ther but doesn't really try to make conversation.  He checks his look in the window over the kitchen sink.

I believe that is Ragan sashaying through the house house in the background, wearing that yellow towel as a skirt.  He is still residing in the Have Not bug room, and here he is slipping into a pair of jeans.  I thought I might have a chance at snapping his bare bottom, but instead he has on these royal blue briefs.

And to complete his Tuesday night ensemble, he pulls out a neatly-folded black T-shirt, which looks suspiciously like his blue one (and Dustin's gray one).  At least he is accessorizing his look with a spiky black belt, adding a little spice.

Enzo's chicken parm looks fantastic, doesn't it?

Rachel teases Ragan that he gets dressed up every night for Showtime.  Ragan screeches that he's "Single!" and then launches into the "That's Ragan!" refrain and everybody laughs.

Everyone is loading up their plates with chicken and pasta and we see a shot of Andrew sitting alone, silently.  I'm pretty sure a conversation about the lack of kosher food is bound to happen soon.  Especially if he sits there like a sad sack while everybody else is trying to enjoy their food.

Why, there are two hungry guys right there, getting ready to strap on the old feedbags.

Did Enzo used bottled sauce to make his gravy???  Whattt?  Well, he may have, because there wasn't enough sauce for Brendon so he went to the storage room for this new bottle.  I guess he dumped it right in there.

Everybody loves the food.  Enzo says it is hard to cook for so many people.  The camera does a few pans around the table, catching everyone as they chew and shovel.  Ragan says it is the best chicken parm he has ever had (but see my post earlier today about him loving Joe's Crab Shack).  

The HG keep getting in trouble for forming letters on the velvet couch.   One of them just drew a smiley face and got yelled at.   I see Andrew is eating pasta---maybe not just the chicken.  Good for him.

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