Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ragan's Quizzes

are very straightforward, and are designed to determine if you finished your reading assignment.

i.e. Did you complete the reading assignment?  There are no trick questions.

Rachel feels science is so different--one question might require 10 different calculus equations and if you get the first one wrong, "like...whatever!".

Britney had a boyfriend who was an engineering student and his tests were the same way.  They all took 3 hours and she couldn't understand any of it.

Rachel:  Like, some questions are like about the perimeter, and whatever, and like, whatever whatever whatever.....I would do so much better in class if I didn't have to worry about taking a test.  If you get one part wrong, you get it all wrong.  Like, I don't think that's fair.

Britney's mind is conceptual and she doesn't just see one correct scientific answer.  Ragan is the same way and he points out that quantitative reasoning involves one "capital T truth", but if you use qualitative reasoning, you believe there is one "lower case T truth".

Ragan brings up an argument he had with a friend in Palm Springs and how neither one was right or wrong...there were two sides to both arguments.

Ragan:  Truth is not something we can uncover...truth is something we can construct.

Andrew walks through and Britney says "Hi".  He appeared to ignore her and the group.

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