Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ragan Spills It

regarding the next strategic move, in the HOH with Brendon, Rachel, and Matt.

He is so happy to be voicing his feelings about strategy, instead of just watching on TV and yelling at the screen.

He expects Britney to be thinking ahead, and trying to gather momentum to target Rachel and Brendon, since only one of them can play in the next HOH comp.

Brendon thinks no one will trust Britney due to some of the Annie-like mistakes she has made.

Now Ragan says that Britney has said stuff to him that he finds offensive, like "I was really hoping that there would be a flamboyant gay guy in the house!"  Ragan warns them that she is hungry for a win, and is going to go for it.

Rachel:  She told me she wants Andrew out, if she's HOH.

Brendon and Ragan shoot that idea down---no way she won't go after the Brendon-Rachel team.

Matt cautions to be careful who you name as a pawn--don't pick somebody too competitive in case they hold a grudge, too.  (I think he's implying Kathy should be nominated.)

So I guess the shirt and tie were part of their uniform.  Rachel just stripped down.
Rachel and Brendon are alone and she tells him that they forgot to "Expect the Unexpected".

Now Brendon says that he's not worried about Britney--if it's an endurance competition there is "no way he is going to fall". (How many times have we heard that?)   Rachel keeps telling him not to get to cocky about it.

And then:

Rachel:  We have to think about the TV audience.  They don't like us to win every time---they want to see people against us, and then us winning.

***These two are ALL ABOUT putting on a SHOW***

Rachel is leaning towards nominating Lane, since that is one person Britney and Monet would to to for help this week.

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