Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ragan Sheds a Tear

I saw Ragan crying on my computer screen.  I turned on the sound and he is talking with Annie about the lack of privacy and the inability to be alone.

Ragan came into the house and so did not want to be the "Gay Guy" who cried all the time.  People just don't get how hard it is and he had no clue.

Ragan:  This shit just breaks you down.

Kathy (didn't even know she was there) mentions the fact that these people are always here, no matter where you go.  And you have to deal with that, too.

The three of them are really bonding over this, and Annie regrets hating on former HG who cried all the time.

Ragan calls out Amber and Bunky as crying ll the time and being the HG he did not want to imitate.

Annie notes that some people in the house don't seem fazed by this.

Kathy:  Their time will come.  We're not eating this week and when people find out what that's like, their time will come.  I mean, your personality goes, etc.

Monet came in a few minutes ago and had absolutely no comment, however, until Ragan asked about her sweatpants.  She got them for "like $3.00" at Old Navy during their super sale.  The cameras don't even bother to pan over to Monet's pants.  They know we don't care about her.

How bad can that slop be?  Is it like oatmeal?  Can they stir peanut butter into it?  I can't believe they whine so much about the flavor (I understand about the time frame.), but how bad can it be?

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