Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ragan Hasn't Had a Roommate in Ages

and he cherishes having time to himself.  It doesn't mean he is mad, or sad, he just wants to think about things.

Britney likes to be alone, too, and likes to "go to New York City all by myself, just to look around".  But at home she is different.  In the BB house she doesn't want to be alone because she has nothing to distract her and she will start thinking about her family, and stuff at home, and it will get her down.
 Rachel understands how she feels.  She hated being in sequester because she was all alone.

Ragan:  Oh I liked sequester---I was in there for nine days!

Rachel:  That long?  Oh my god...

Britney:  I was the day behind him---I was in sequester for 8 days but I didnt' mind it..

BB has to tell them twice not to talk about production---the second time they were called out by name.

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