Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rachel's Boobs Feel Like

they're getting harder, she says.
Britney:  Are you getting your period?

Rachel:  No, my breast implants.  They feel really hard.

Britney:  Well, call the Gummy Bear reasearch center.

Brendon is very confused by this and they have to tell him that her gel breast implants are made of a gummy bear-like substance. 
Brendon has a hard time accepting this.  Then Matt comes down the stairs for his first appearance of the day and they clap.  He grabs a piece of the leftover french toast and says the kitchen smells good.
He describes how Enzo was in his room talking about family and music and stuff until 3:30.  Every time Enzo got up to leave, he would sit in another chair.  Britney made some cheese nachos and sits across from Brendon to crunch them.  Brendon looks like he wants to dive in to that plate.
Matt is considering asking BB for a toilet brush, because someone 'exploded' in his toilet and it is very gross.  He is weirded out to use the toilet.  It could be anybody, although Brendon thinks it has to be a guy.  Matt uses a napkin to demonstrate where on the toilet seat the mess is, and how unusual the mess is, due to it's location.
Brendon says that he is willing to bet that it is Enzo--they have both been Have Nots and Brendon himself has had some bad moments in the downstairs bathroom.  Both Brendon and Britney continue eating their slop and their nachos, respectively, during this entire demonstration.  Britney is also planning to eat some Apple Jacks, because the nachos didn't satisfy her.

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