Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rachel is Bitching About Something

and saying "I understand that he's fighting for his life, but does he have to throw me....."

That's all I heard.  Britney and Enzo are cheering on the surfboarders and Enzo is cracking wise on the sidelines.

Enzo:  I kind of like get to see people!  (i.e. the BB crew on the roof).  I hope we get to eat tonight....What happened to you out there tonight Lane?

They wonder what food America will choose for the Have Nots this week.

Enzo:  I'll take some squid.  I'll definitely eat some squid, but give me some lemon with it.

If Andrew loses, he is up the creek--I don't think the slop is kosher.

Ragan:  This is for you Annie!!

Now they are calling her Fanny, short for Effin' Annie.  Ragan hopes that she's watching this from jail.

Ha ha.

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