Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preseason Spotlight - Brendon Villegas

Once again I am recapping the preseason interviews from, conducted by BB9's Chelsea Hart.  Brendon is nearly 30 and is a swim coach in Riverside, California.

1.  Brendon's is MUCH more attractive on video then he is in his still photo.  He also looks like a big guy, and very fit from the shoulders up.  Chelsea didn't get him to stand up and do a twirl for us, but I don't think she needs to.  I'll be seeing A LOT of Brendon this summer.  Me likey.

2.  He is a workout fanatic--swimming, biking, running.  He is going to miss working out and is a little worried about not having any privacy, but he plans to "embrace that".

3. He plans to "have no strategy" (see Annie Whittington) and is going to go with the flow and stay flexible.  He will definitely flirt in the house with the girls.

4.  He isn't planing on telling anyone that he is about to start his PhD.  He has a general BA from Riverside in general physics, his MS in applied physics from somewhere else, and will get his PhD in something else that was over my head at UCLA. He got a full ride at UCLA, which is impressive, and starts school as soon as BB is over, but he doesn't plan on telling anybody that.

5.  His brother is a drug addict, who will be 37 this year, and a sister who will be 29.  If he wins he will use part of the money to get his brother treatment, because "he really needs it".  (wow)

6.  He was engaged 2.5 years ago and was brokenhearted when his fiance left him and wouldn't give the ring back.   He felt she made a promise to him and broke it, and was mean to him to top it off.  So he took her to small claims court and won, getting the ring back!  I don't think he should tell that whole story to the other HG---maybe the getting dumped part, but not the rest.  Surely he will have trouble trusting another woman again.

7.  Brendon has the chops to do just about anything in life.  He seems like one of life's winners.  But the winner of BB....I don't think so.  Even if he manages to hide the fact that he is PhD-bound, he will not be able to hide his physical prowess, nor the fact that he is highly intelligent.  I haven't met any of the HG that I think he might hook up with, but I still have 9 videos to go.

8.  What is Brendon doing in there?  He seems so normal.

9.  When Chelsea asked how he got on the show, he said that he "knew someone" and got an interview at the LA open casting and then everything happened after that.

10.  Preliminary Verdict:  He may not make it to the Sequester House, but we will enjoy watching him try.  I can't imagine they would make someone like him the Saboteur---that would mean that he won't be there the whole time, and Brendon has the potential to be the Jeff Schroeder of BB12---the most downloaded reality hunk of the year.

11.  I think the HG went into the house today.  I'll bet those whores are already elbowing each other out of the way to get a spot next to him.

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