Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preseason Spotlight - Annie Whittington

I have to say that I really didn't want to watch Annie's interview with Chelsea Hart.  I don't know why--I think it might be the name.  I don't like the name Annie.   But I watched it so here are some random impressions of her interview.

1.  Annie is 27 and is a bartender in Tampa.  And she looks it too, with those over-plucked brows, split ends, and frosty eyeshadow.  Her parents live in Detroit.

2.  She and Chelsea really seemed to hit it off.  Her posted interview was nearly 24 minutes, compared to about 11 for the the last two HG I covered here.  Chelsea even said several times that she really likes her and gave her some advice.

3.  She was cast very late in the season--she sent in a tape and then went to an open call.  The BB people called her very recently and she has only been in California since midnight last Saturday.  Chelsea seems surprised by this.  Annie has been a BB fan since season 5.

(There  were rumors online that someone left sequester and dropped out of the process last week, prompting a last-minute cattle call at an LA bar.  I guess they dusted off Annie's application when time was tight.  Lisa who won BB3 was cast in the final days before the season started when two of the producers went to her bar and were boozing, so I guess anybody can win. )

4.  Annie is an Evel Dick fan.  She also likes the showmances like Chelsea and James.

5.  Annie has been with one girl for over 2 years ("Jen").  This is her first relationship with a woman but she considers herself bi-sexual.  She plans to flirt with the guys in the house and doesn't know when she will tell everyone that she is a relationship with a girl.

6.  She has a BA in theater and has "played a lot of characters".  She plans to use this in the house and will try to adapt to the way she needs to be to get by each week.

7.  Her strategy is to "have no strategy".  (Uh-oh)  She explains that if she puts together a plan and is totally surprised by what the show is about or who is there, she would probably freak out and self-sabotage.  She is a strong competitor and can't imagine having to throw a challenge.  She isn't the type to "make a deal and drop" in any of the competitions.

8.  She used to weigh 170 pounds. (!)  When Chelsea asked about that all she said is that having mono was a great way to lose the weight.  Hmmmmm.  She looks like a petite girl so that would be A LOT of weight on her frame.  Then she said she gained back the mono weight (!) and finally lost it all when she started working out and eating right.

9.  She didn't tell her parents that she even auditioned for BB, much less that she was leaving for CA.  She told her girlfriend, her manager (at the steakhouse she works in), and "they told her sister".  I guess that means that BB contacted her sister---why would they do that?  Maybe we should ponder on that one.

10.  Her mother has breast cancer and Annie had to shave her head when she was 16.  It sounds like she is still alive, though.  Her father has muscular scerosis (sp?) and she said a little while ago that he is retired because he "was a big mess".  I guess that MS is what she meant by that.

11.  If she were to have a cocktail, it would be vodka, water, lemon and lime on the rocks.  "It's refreshing!"

12. She hates it when people vote for their best friend on the jury, and feels that if someone lied, cheated and stole in the game then they might deserve to win it.  I think she is a Natalie fan and isn't happy that Jordan won last year.

13.  I think Annie is going to be interesting to watch, and the source of a lot of action of some sort.  She described herself in the beginning of the interview as being "overly dramatic", but then mentions later that she hates it when people are too dramatic in the house.  She gives as an example when the people in last year's jury house were super-upset about Natalie being 24 instead of 18.
14.  Is Annie the Saboteur?  I don't think so, from her response to Chelsea asking her about the twist.  She said she is scared of the twists but will try to remain calm.  Seemed genuine to me.

15.  She is concerned with potential nude pictures of her in the shower.  Chelsea gave her a few pointers about towel placement, etc.

16.  She has a french bulldog named Mr. Cubbybears.  She got really animated about him and reeled off his birthday and the fact that he is a Cancer.  Ha ha ha.  It's her first pet that is her own---not her family's pet.

17. She plans to lay low in the house for a few weeks in the beginning.

18.  I'm going to try not to hate Annie.  I think I may end up there, but I will try to give her the benefit of the doubt.  I'm keeping my eye on her, thought.  I"ll be watching.

19.  I have been to the steakhouse she works in (Amerone's) and it is actually really good---it doesn't pretend that it is high-falutin' but is still nice enough to feel like a treat.  I think I had grilled seafood instead of steak, but hey when you are in Florida you have to take advantage, no?  I did have a few cocktails but I don't think Annie poured them----she has only been there about a year.

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