Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outdoor Lockdown

And speculation is that the Veto Ceremony is near at hand.  It might be tomorrow, though.  I don't have the BB schedule down pat yet.

Kathy seems to breaking down on the Slop Diet.  Brendon mentioned trying to put a coating of slop on some dill pickles and panfrying them to eat with mustard a little while ago.  She just saw him and said she wanted to beg him to make some for her.  She keeps talking about how her clothes are falling off of her.

Annie can't wait until no one can hear her go to the bathroom.  Monet said she doesn't care if someone hears.  Kathy agrees--it's just natural.

Annie noted that many of the people in the house don't seem to be worried at all about the nominations.  Kathy noticed that, too, and thinks there is a lot of scheming going on.

Somebody get Kathy a sandwich, stat.  And shelve the Have Nots for next week.

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