Thursday, July 22, 2010

Only Two Left

and they are Matt and Ragan. 

Everyone is going inside on BB's instruction to let the two remaining surfers talk.  Ragan asks Andrew to please close the door.

Ragan and Matt both seem happy.  Matt says he would put up Kathy, and Brendon but talk to him first to make it seem that he's not the target.  Matt also says that so many people totally had his back this week--Kristin is the one who got Andrew to vote for him.

Ragan doesn't want to let Matt win because Rachel will think he's a douchebag.  He doesn't care what Brendon thinks, but he is worried about Week #4.  Ragan considers having Rachel and Brendon out to talk to them.  Matt asks what about Kathy and Andrew?

Matt pointed out that the two of them "are winning the game right now", smiling.

Enzo, Lane, Hayden & Kristin may vote to get rid of Kathy---she would never win anything to help them.  Now they want to have Andrew to come out to discuss being the pawn.  How do they get Andrew to come out?

Ragan says they need to wait until the surfboards stop to start yelling for Andrew.  Ragan seems to want to jump down and throw it to Matt.  Mat said that he is fine staying up there all night, and that they can let it all play out.  I think Ragan wants to get down, though.  They don't even seem to be thinking about the Have Not situation.

Ragan wants to play for 15 or 20 minutes. 

Matt:  I'll be right here, Ragan.

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