Saturday, July 10, 2010

OMG Monet is a F'Idiot

She is arguing with Andrew that the time difference between Los Angeles and the East Coast is 4 hours.  She is basing this on her visits to St. Louis and her home in "Glen Carbon, Illinois".

She is actually arguing about it and supporting her position with some "facts" that are impossible to folow.  She gets up to go to the BR and to Andrew's credit, he drops the topic when she leaves the room and doesn't trash talk about her to Kathy.

Finally, Monet speaks up about something, and now this.  She is a freaking moron!  She told Chelsea that through her modeling and acting work, she has lived in both LA and NYC.  How can she not know the time difference?

Kathy and Andrew talk about how the boredom and hunger will make anyone crack.

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