Thursday, July 15, 2010

OMG Monet & Britney are Evil!

They are in the kitchen hating on Kristin.  Let's see, they make fun of her "4th grade leotard" and "high waisted faux denim trousers".  Monet said that her shoes made her look like a "two dollar hooker".  And she "thinks she's cute and she's not".

They said that she will suck up to where ever the power is this week.  Britney peeked out the window to see if she still had on her Live Show outfit and she did.  They laughed at that and at her.  It was vicious.

Britney also went off on the way that Kristin laughs her head off when Enzo farts, and how she burps all the time.

Matt came in and said he's not too worried about Brendon or Rachel---the one benefit of being on slop last week is that he slept in the same room with Rachel for a week.  Lane came in, too, and munched on a cookie. They are all bummed. 

Everyone is taking turns in the DR.  Monet starts quizzing Matt and he said he gives a bunch of one-word answers in the DR.  Monet can't wait to see his DRs. 

Now Britney speculates that Annie now knows the secret.

Monet:  Yeah, I"m sure she knows who the pair is, and the saboteur.  (ha)

They think she watched the HOH comp from backstage and was thrilled with the outcome.

Monet and Britney say they just can't harp on the way that both of them almost won---they have to let it go.  (They were in the tiebreaker with Rachel.)

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