Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Wow.

Ragan just went into the Taj Mahal to speak with Rachel and Brendon.  Basically he went in there to give them an itemized list of reasons why he will not be voting in favor of Andrew tomorrow night.

Andrew's conduct during the POV meeting was a big factor, as was the way that Ragan apparently felt bullied into voting to evict Kathy.  Ragan certainly plays the part of the sensitive man and is trying to stay in Brendon and Rachel's good graces, but I think he wants to hurt their alliance as much as anybody else.

Brendon and Rachel knew his mind was made up, and mostly just listened quietly, asking a few questions and not trying to persuade him otherwise.

But here's the strange thing---at one point in the conversation, this happened:

Brendon: Who else is going to vote to keep Andrew?

Ragan:  I don't think anybody will vote to keep Andrew.  The whole thing was just too bizarre...and turned everybody off, and..

BB changed channels on us abruptly.  End of conversation.

Just how bizarre was it?  I wonder if they will show us the whole performance, warts and all on tonight's CBS show?  If it's too weird, maybe CBS will edit it since he is sure to be evicted and they want to appear to be fair to his religion?

As viewers, if we don't feel like what we see tonight is "bizarre" enough, we will know that CBS may be a little too heavy handed with their editing.

Meanwhile, Andrew seems very reflective today.  He did some praying, and a fair amount of sitting silently and staring off into space.
I would have liked to see him in the Jury House after everyone knew that he was a doctor.  I'll bet everyone would have a bunion or toenail issue to discuss with him.  Otherwise, if evicted, the first they will all know about his true profession will come on Finale Night, after the winner's vote, but before the keys are revealed.

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