Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of Course, Rachel Found a Way

to make this conversation about "her and Brendon".  They aren't even individuals anymore--even to production.

Brendon comes in and she drags him into the conversation, but doesn't really explain it.

Rachel:  Isn't that right, Brendon?  We're not even individuals in this game, right?

Brendon starts talking about being evicted, but he doesn't realize that Rachel is talking solely about their relationship.

Britney:  That's why I'm so jealous of the lifelong friends.  They have such an advantage.  I'm telling you right now that if they put Summer Conquest in here, my life would be totally different!  It would be the ultimate advantage, better than the frickin' Coup d' Etat!

[They giggle at Summer's name.  I guess she signed a release, because I have heard Britney talk about her a number of times.  Maybe we will see her on a Thursday night show if Britney is HOH or is up for nomination.]

She also mentioned Dick and Danielle---it would be great to have a friend in there when you have a bad day.  You wouldn't have to worry what to say, or how to say it.

Rachel brings up of course she can trust "me and Brendon".  Of course, Rachel, of course.

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