Monday, July 26, 2010

Now Andrew Joins the Sausage Party

balancing a bowl of baby food on top of a glass.  No one speaks to him---they are in the middle of a conversation imitating Enzo's accent.

Andrew sits down and no one reacts.  Brendon starts to tell a story about a girl he knows with a plane crash near her house, and we get DOTS.

They keep saying "that's what SHE says" constantly in the house and it is wearing thin.  But look for someone to say it live with Julie---it is a habit by now with many of them.

Ragan, to Matt:  You got got, Ronnie!

They laugh, and continue to discuss sequels to movies.  Hayden is involved now, but Andrew still sits silently, chewing and hiding his thoughts behind dark glasses.

These are Hayden's feet, in the flip flops.  Andrew is sitting just to the right of him, but might as well be a mile away.

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