Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Fish in the Tank

which unfortunately are probably destined to die.

Britney still feels jittery.  They announced her time second-to-last, so she knew she was in the lead, but they still had to announce Enzo's time.  I guess that is where the 14 seconds come in.

I know I post a lot of pictures of Britney, but the cameras are always on her.  Supposedly Kristin tasted the water in the tank and it isn't salt water, which shocks them.

As soon as Britney leaves the room, Kathy and Kristin start talking about her.  Kristin is worried now that if Britney wins HOH she will get nominated.  Kathy says that Britney is jealous of her.

Kathy:  I have one or two girlfriends, and that's it. 

Kristin:  I have a few good girlfriends that I've known forever, and the rest are gay guys or guys.

Kristin knows that Britney called her a floater and that makes her mad. "I'm anything but", she says.

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