Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Pictures

Lane hugging a rubber duck (with tongue, per Matt's instruction).  And Britney by the pool.
Kathy takes one of Matt laying in the hammock.  Matt puts his hand down his pants, and points to it for good measure.
During all of this, Brendon is doing agility drills across the yard---here he is running backwards.
They got him to stand still and do a fake agility move for the camera.  They plan to take some good baby food shots inside.  Here are Kathy and Kristin by the pool.
Everyone keeps asking, "what are all the lemons for", and "who is using all the lemons".  I don't hear Kristin answer, (she's so "mysterious") but Lane says he put the lemon juice in his eyes.

They want to take a picture of someone (Britney?) getting hogtied with the lasso in the Cabana Room.

Funny.  This group picture has been a tradition for them every week.  Some of them even sit in the same spot every week.  As Matt pointed out, "the weekly picture session is losing it's luster".

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