Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Britney, Part II

[This happened last night.]

Hayden comes in the BR and they discuss how Annie is driving everybody crazy with pestering them.  Britney feels suicidal having to listen to it.

Now Monet asks Britney if losing Rachel would be better for their game....Britney considers it.  Neither of them totally trust Rachel.

And now Annie comes back in to chatter---she just did a loop around the house to see what his happening and she came right back. 

Britney gets Annie to agree to be the pawn next week, IF she stays, and IF Britney is the HOH.  Annie agrees.  Britney tries to get Annie to agree not to nominate her until Final Six ("Jury") IF she stays in the house.  Annie does a bunch of calculations, but basically sidesteps this question.

Andrew walks through the BR to the WC and they all shudder once he is in there and Annie does the 'gagging' motion.

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