Friday, July 16, 2010

More Action to Come Tonight

The screen in the living room reads "Nominations Today", so there are last minute meetings in the HOH, and of course the HG are going over the Saboteur reveal over and over.

Ragan:  I think the fans are ecstatic that it is over---they hated the cliques, they just like straight up game play.

Ragan, Kristin and Hayden are lounging in the cabana room and for some reason, Ragan is stroking Kristin's right arm and she says it feels good.

The camera just did a quick porno shot of Kristin's cleavage.  Sorry I missed that for you, but it was kind of pervy.

(I got to go in the control booth at an NBA game one time, and there were at least 4 cameras trained on the NBA dancers' crotches.  You won't see that on TV, but it was right there in the control room and I pretended not to notice---it was a business-related visit and I didn't know what to say.  The team was a client........)

Lots of DOTs tonight as the HG say things that I guess they don't want us to hear.  Hayden didn't sleep well last night after being holed up in the cushy HOH room for so long. There were new sounds to deal with, harder beds, etc.  Ragan said at least you're not a Have Not this week, be glad for that.

And Ragan continues stroking Kristin's arm.  They thought the competition was fun, but Hayden feels bad for "squirting her really hard".  One of the girls started "choking up there" and it scared them.

Switching cameras.

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