Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini-Brigade Meeting

in the hot tub was broken up when Captain Chaos (new nickname) came outside.

Before he came out Matt told the guys that he talked about the Brigade a lot in his HOH blog and it was fun.  They look ahead to future weeks and note that they have the numbers to control the vote in just a few weeks.

(But what if they are on the block?)

Matt thinks Andrew's speech is going to be "just horrible" and that "he is going to blast so many people".  Hayden informed Matt that Andrew wanted to hold a house meeting tonight and Matt is excited about it. He likes the action and the drama, apparently.

They were whispering about what they think the competition would be about, and Matt says if it is what he thinks it could be, it sucks because he and Rachel know the most about it, and Matt can't compete.

Matt is on a self-imposed slop diet today and they are all surprised. He feels like he has been eating too much crap and has to do it to get back on track.  He feels "gross".  He is eating slop and protein shakes today.

Wait until he smells those steaks grilling tonight....

Hayden just came out and laid in the hammock.
He brought a bottle of nuts and is crunching away on them.  Kristin is laying across the yard and just got caught staring over at him.  To his credit, he appears to be ignoring her just fine.
You're welcome.

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