Friday, July 30, 2010

Me and My Man....

when someone tries to mess with Rachel and her man, she's going to defend herself.
I don't think the meeting between Rachel and Kristin is going well.  They are trying to have a conversation but they both keep raising their voices.

Kristin is all, "you, you and you" and "I am playing this game differently then everybody else" and "I am not a floater".

She never meant to let it blow out of proportion---she thinks they both got defensive, and both she and Rachel are very defensive people.  They both will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and the people they are close to.

Kristin:  That's why I like you, Rachel.  I do sincerely apologize for making you feel excluded this past week.

Rachel:  If you stay in this house this week, I feel like you are coming after me.

Kristin:  This game is tit-for-tat.  And that's the way this game should be played.  And that's the reason why the whole house is after you--you both keep winning and there's no tit-for-tat for that.

They have calmed down quite a bit but Kristin is doing most of the talking (a miracle).  I can't tell what Rachel is thinking. 

Kristin:  The reason why I didn't accept your apology last night is that I was really heated.  And a majority of the things that were said last night were untrue.  Whether it was you or Andrew, they weren't true in my opinion.  And I'd like to play this game as clean as possible.

Rachel:  Then just explain to me one thing--why did you fall off the board so soon?

Kristin:  I just slipped and was standing backwards.  When Kathy fell, I fell. I am a sore, sore loser and I hate to lose.  You know I am a tough competitor----you saw me eat that spider!  I swear on my mother's life that I did not fall off on purpose.

Kristin kind of makes a veiled threat that she is a rational person, and whatever Rachel does to her, she will take that into consideration.

Rachel:  I do know what you mean, Kristin.

Now Kristin is sucking up by saying that if she nominated them, they always turn it around and that would hurt her---why wouldn't she nominate someone weak?

Rachel toots her own horn---"over half of the people that have left are because of her" (?), and that she has earned everything she won.  And for the POVs, she was right there next to Brendon.

Kristin:  Just go with your gut, Rachel. Because when I do that, I'm always right.  Even if you put me up there, do what is right and what is best for you. And I wish things didn't get the way they did...we're both defensive people and we both felt threatened.  It was situational and I don't want us to get like that again.  I'll do it, but I don't want to.

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