Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matt's Band

I am listening to the live feeds in the background while I crank out some client stuff today--the goal is to hang on and watch the live feeds through any endurance competition tonight, so I'm preparing ahead.

But some things are more interesting then others.

Matt still has a good relationship with the guys he used to be in a band with (Shooting Blanks) and he is planning to call them to see if they want to do a 2-week tour this fall in order to visit all of the HG's home towns.  That way he can see them, have some fun, and make a little money, too.

He thinks that they would be up for it, and addresses them on the feeds, in case they are watching.

Britney tells a story about bands that visit her town, thinking they are booked into some sort of grand arena and always return to the hotel pissed off about it.  It turns out that the arena is a tent in the JC Penney parking lot.  (Britney works at the Hilton, I think, and that is how she has insight into how the bands feel after the show.)

Matt starts to tell a story about how his band "played with Vanilla Ice" and we immediately went to TRIVIA, which is common for the night of the Live Show.

Bummer, I'll bet that was a good story.

PS  I know Britney works at the Hilton because she has told a couple of stories about her friend Summer Conquest.  Yes, that is her real name and I guess her parents were hippies who thought it was funny.  She tried to use her middle name Nicole but it didn't stick.  I thought that name was priceless and looked her up on the internet---she has a LinkedIn profile as a Hilton employee.  Sorry Summer if this is causing you pain, but I guess it could make you popular as well.  I'm sure being Britney's friend is a blast.

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