Saturday, July 17, 2010

Matt Fills Lane In

about the conversation he just had.

Boy that room is a freakin' mess!   Matt tells Lane that they will want to talk to him upstairs, and advises him to suggest putting up a weak player like Kathy who won't be a threat to them.

I'm not sure that Matt knows that if Lane isn't nominated, he probably will be.

Meanwhile, back in the HOH, Rachel asks Brendon if he thinks Ragan will be angry if they nominate Matt. Rachel thinks Ragan wants them to nominate Lane or Kathy.

[I just want to point out that I have heard NO ONE mention nominating Ragan at any time.]

Rachel has something she wants to say to Brendon, but is hestitating.  Brendon is dumbfounded by this and begs her to talk.  Apparently it has to do with Matt---she noticed that he is asking sneaky and suspicious and she "should have taken it as a fucking clue".  Brendon tells her "it's still not too late".

Matt told her that if he were to put one of them up as a pawn, they would go home.  She is taking that as a threat---I just heard Matt tell Lane to go upstairs and tell them the same thing!

Brendon tries to calm her down---they knew they were threats, it is okay, they can do it.

Rachel feels that they are playing a good game, and every year those people get targeted and get eliminated, like Jeff last year.

And, like clockwork, here comes Lane.  And then Kristin, with her shorts pulled up to her neck.

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