Monday, July 19, 2010

Matt Checks In With Ragan

in the storage room, as he picks up a package of Jennie-O ground turkey.

He asked Ragan if he has heard anything different, and if he will let him know if things change in the next few days.  Ragan sees the house as being split into pairs, and the more he watches, the more he sees this.  He calls out Brendon & Rachel, Hayden & Kristin, Lane & Enzo, Britney & Monet...

Ragan:  Be aware of looking too much like a floater, or of getting dragged into mean-spirited conversations.

Ragan and Matt have a silent deal to watch out for each other.  Ragan is backing off from hanging around with Matt because Rachel kept saying "Ragan, I know you really like Matt.....".  Ragan describes Kathy as becoming a kind of Uber-Floater who is difficult to read.

Matt thinks Brendon & Rachel are playing the "worst game in the house" right now because of all of the deals they are making with everybody and that "they are toast next week".

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