Monday, July 19, 2010

Matt and Monet Gossip

about how Rachel must be getting on Brendon's nerves with her irritating energy levels.

When Brendon was in the stockade and Rachel kept wanting to play games, they could tell he was getting really irritated with her.  (She wanted to play word association games where everyone in the Stockades had to take turns answering.)

Monet:  Do you think he really likes her?

Matt:  Yeah, but they're in the moment.  He's a good looking guy and he's on TV--I'm sure he's going to get tons of girls after this.  He'll dump her in a heartbbeat!

Monet hopes Andrew is nominated.  (Fat chance.)  She has on cool ripped jeans that look they way they are supposed to look, on a tall girl.  BB just called an outdoor lockdown.  Brendon just got out of the shower so he washed all the Rachel off him. 

And Rachel?  She's still Rachel.

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