Sunday, July 25, 2010

Matt and Brendon Meet

in the BY to start their day.

They are congenial and Brendon thanks him for not nominating him---Matt doesn't have to worry if Brendon or Rachel win HOH next week.

They discuss Kristin dropping so soon during the HOH contest--Brendon wanted her to win and give him a break for a week.  Brendon says that she and Hayden want to lay low and keep their showmance quiet.

Matt:  I don't think they're really hooking up, are they?

Brendon:  Well, yeah they are.  But I kinda wonder if she is using him---when we first came in here she was talking about dating someone---remember?  Someone she had just started dating and really cared about?

Matt remembers.

Brendon wants Kathy gone this week because she's "chillin' in the Have Room this week without workng hard for it".  Matt is surprised that Brendon would turn on Kathy after spending so much time with her last week.

Brendon:  Dude---she was always in our bed!  She never left!

DOTS.  Must be the wake up call.

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