Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long Trip Upstairs

Andrew is sniffling and just went upstairs to the HOH.  He picked up a sweatshirt he had left up there, and knocked on the HOH door.  He cracked it open and then just went back downstairs, not saying anything to anybody.

He passed Enzo, and Brendon, and sniffled his way back to the Have Not room, sitting down alone like this:
And this:
He is wiping his eyes and seems to be having a quiet breakdown.  I think the DR needs to call him in to talk to him.  So sad...
I hate to see anyone so ostracized and alone.  I wish I could call in and ask him some questions about the cracks in my heels that I get every summer.  I'm sure he would tell me to stop wearing flip flops, but I would listen respectfully and thank him for the free medical advice.

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