Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lockdown in the HOH

This lockdown can only mean one thing:  Live Show Tonight!

This is a customary procedure that allows the crew to get the house ready for the live show.  They usually also lockdown the backyard in preparation for the HOH competition.  In past seasons, the lockdown has a very combative, contintious vibe, but right now it is very chill in there.  It's Naptime, basically.  Bodies everywhere.  Silence, too.

One of the worst seasons for the Live Show Lockdown was Season #6, when "the Friendship" had moved en masse to the room.  Also, the vibe last year was pretty icy, too.

It always kind of sucks for the HOH that their final moments in their suite have to be spent like this.  Because after this, the HOH room will be locked and prepped for the new HOH, which will happen tonight.

Based on my BB experience, I expect tonight's competition to be pretty cut-and-dried, due to the number of participants.  You can only do so much with 11 contestants on a live broadcast.  They are trying to make the time frame, keep up the momentum, make it simple for the nervous contestants, and ensure no vulgar language airs in prime time.

I am guessing it is one of those True/False games where the minute you mess up, you're out.  I think it's way too early for a "high stakes" HOH competition like endurance (hanging, swinging, holding on, etc.).  The fans always love those and it is a great way to push sales of the live feeds, but I think it is just too early and too many people are involved.

I think the Saboteur is going to have specific instructions that he or she will have to carry out during the HOH competition.  I think that will be the big drama tonight.  So far I think that whole twist has been a big bust, but they need to hype it up to get some bang for their buck.  It should be more fun if we know who it is, and can watch them try to get the job done.

Also, I'm not saying that BB rigs things, but if history is our guide, look for Andrew to be a finalist, if not the winner, of tonight's contest.  He is the true underdog right now, and his winning would turn the house upside down.  You would really see a few people start to sweat if he won.  Allison Grodner knows that, too.

I can't help it---I am starting to hate Brendon.  His mannerisms really bug me, and I think a lot of things about him are disingenuous.  Who sits like that?  He is dabbing at or blowing his nose or something.  He just annoys me now and I think he is putting on a big show for the cameras at least 86% of the time.

[Did you know that 47% of statistics are made up on the spot?  Ha ha ha.]

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