Thursday, July 22, 2010

Like, I'm Kind of Like, Upset

says Rachel, to Kathy.  Brendon told her that he doesn't think his parents will like her because she is so flashy and the family would prefer a more "plain" girl.

So this is causing drama for her and she is "going to stop the striptease" and all that stuff.  She doesn't want his parents to think that she is some "Vegas stripper whore" and if she is being portrayed like that, her own parents are going to be upset.

Rachel:  Like, the haircut.  It wasn't a striptease I did straddle him...but I didn't like, do anything inappropriate.  It was fun, and cute, and like if I was a boy I would be excited!

[Rachel, you're a whore, darlin'.]

So...Rachel and Brendon are already having in-law problems after a few weeks of "dating" and "love".  Now Brendon comes back to console her.  Drama, drama drama.

***I'm worried my eyes are going to get locked in the rolling position, like my mother often warned me***

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