Monday, July 19, 2010

Laughter and a Few Tears

or tears with a little laughter.  Britney and Monet are crying a little while thinking about the past few days, and what is to come.  Britney has also stated that she misses her fiance Nick, their dogs, their house, and has PMS to boot.
Matt comes in to talk with them and they go over their options (not many) and make a few mean yet hilarious comments about the HG.
Such as:

*  Britney is worried that gonorrhea might now be airborne in the house.  (ha ha ha I even looked up gonorrhea in the dictionary so I could get that right)

*  Kathy is like a housekeeper up there in the HOH and her whole face is brown now.

Monet:  Everyone here is just so fake and up each other's ass.  I'm just not like that.

Britney:  Even the competitions aren't as fun anymore because by the time you do them, you're so worn down.

Monet:  She is such a BITCH!  (Rachel)  Obviously everybody in that group already knew what was going to happen---she didn't have to make it like that.  She was obviously trying to make a point, but she's lucky I didn't make a point upside her head.  I'm going to take her extensions and flush them down the toilet!

Britney:  She didn't even wear a shirt, either.  Even in the POV comp, she had her stomach hanging out.  But we can only wear the clothes we wear.......

Now they discuss the story of the clogged toilet, and how Hayden must be a part-time plumber since he was summoned up there. 

Britney:  She needs to go back to her stripper job...

Monet:  Just because you cheat your way through school, doesn't make you a scientist.

Matt:  Hey, she's making science sexy!

Britney:  She's making science slutty....

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