Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lane Left

I guess because Kristin is there, but also because Rachel told him right off the bat that he was safe, and that no matter what happens Monet is going home.

Now Britney is Enemy #1, and Kristin vows to have Rachel's back with Britney, and it's on now, blah blah blah.

Kristin:  Oh, she's after both of us---you and me!

Rachel:  Well, what about me and Brendon?  Aren't we first on the list? know...

***Rachel is so worried about her Showmance storyline***

Brendon came up with a big nasty plate of fish sticks. 

They looked at the package last night and 5 fish sticks have only 10 grams of protein (or something like that).  It is mostly breading and they were bitching and moaning about that.  What about the slop,A-holes?  Why don't you just eat that, then?  Britney packed up a few fruitcakes last night and said she was going to sell them on E-bay if she goes home. They joked that they were probably left over from the CBS christmas party.

Kristin is going on and on about Britney calling her a floater.  She acts like that is a slap in the face. Rachel assures her that she is the most fierce female competitor in the house.

(Then why hasn't she won?  Hmmm?)

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