Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lane is Looking Good

Ragan has been talking dirty on the surfboard, I guess mocking his dirty talk with Julie.

Ragan:  I'd like to ride a human surfboard! I'd like to fuck it!

Rachel comments that it is sensual.

Ragan:  Yes, it's sensual!

Rachel:  Especially with you and Matt!  (joking)

Andrew is trash talking and laughing and seems to be in his element. He has been using the elliptical for over 6 miles a day so he is really fit right now.

BB just came on and told them not to talk--I guess they are worried that they won't have enough footage they can use, since the comp is going pretty fast and the talking is so dirty.

Matt:  There's spunk all over the backyard.

A plane flies over and Matt says that's how they're going to get us!  I guess referring to craning his neck to look for a banner and falling off.

Andrew gives a shoutout to his daughter, which is nice.  Matt asks Ragan what the temperature drop off will be tonight.  Being from Chicago might be an advantage for him.

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