Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lane is Curious

about Matt's HOH Blog.

Lane:  Did you shout out to my peeps?

Matt:  Heck not.

This is repeated.

Lane:  Did you mention my name?

Matt:  Yep.

Lane:  Did you say I was a dick?

Matt:  I don't think I'm allowed to say dick.

Hayden goes in the kitchen and Andrew gets right to it by explaining what happened this morning.  Andrew was lonely and no one was talking to him.  He isn't sleeping, he isn't eating, he's totally whacked out.
Andrew:  I really think this (the baby food) has estrogen in it...I never cry...I swear I never cry.  I just want to apologize and make sure she's okay.

[Note that Andrew did not want to apologize, but Brendon asked him to try and stay in the house.]

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