Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lane and Hayden Discuss

who is going to go up, and whether their alliance will be exposed.

Hayden doesn't know how "that" happened...i.e. Britney winning.

Every year its the same thing---these alpha males forget that not every competition involves arm wrestling.  Anyone can win at any time, actually.

Hayden comes in the Cabana Room to admire the new fish. 
Hayden laid down next to Kristin and the feeling is decidedly intimate, even though Enzo and Kathy are there, too, with Lane on the floor.

Hayden, whispering:  I think Monet is going home.

Hayden worries that he might be nominated.  Hayden has a magnifying glass--a big one--and is holding it and waving it around--must be from the competition.

They discuss that whoever goes up in Britney's place is bound to be "salty about it".

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