Friday, July 16, 2010

Kristin's Turn

and she comes in the HOH like gangbusters, talking a mile a minute.

Kristin recommends nominating Britney and Monet, because she thinks they will go at each other and when the week is over, Rachel's "hands are clean".

They talk about how much trash Britney talks, and Kristin points out that some of the dirt that Britney has unearthed has been good---it saved Rachel in the game.  (calling out Annie's lies and double-dealing).

Rachel told Kristin that Britney recommended nominating Kristin.  She isn't surprised, but she is surprised that Britney told her that.  It should have been obvious that the two of them are friends. 

Kristin:  I'm not going to say anything to her about it, but I'm out for her after this.

Both Rachel and Brendon want Monet out, but she thinks Brendon wants "another person, but doesn't want to say who".    Rachel wants Final Four to be she and Brendon, and Kristin and Hayden. Kristin assures her that if they end up on opposite sides of the house, she will still feel the same way about her and will be in her corner.

Rachel is glad that Kristin is here because, other than Kathy, they are all really mean.  Rachel noticed right away that Kristin is a tough competitor.

Kristin:  I think the trick to this game for you and I is to get the girls out, then worry about the guys.  You know they are all going to go after each other.

(good strategy, actually)

Rachel likes that idea, but she would "never, ever go against Brendon".  She plays with those extensions the entire time.

Rachel brings up Season 7, and the Chilltown Alliance, when Will and Boogie decided to get out all of the guys, and then let the girls go after each other.  She brings up their showmances and how that played into the Final Four.  Obviously Rachel wants this to be the case for this year.

"Brendon and I"  "me and Brendon"  blah blah blah blah

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