Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kristin Slept Well,

because she "drank a fair amount last night".  Brendon said that being a Have Not would not be so bad if they could drink--then he could sleep in that Have Not bed without a problem.

He went up to the HOH room, all clean and shiny, and jumped in bed with Rachel.
Things heated up on their normal accelerated schedule, as you can see.
Brendon is under there, and then the camera shows us this, which I can assume is part of Rachel's couture.
There were all sorts of noises under there, and then this exchange:

Rachel:  Brendon...really?  Really?

Brendon:  No, you don't have to apologize.  I'm glad I could do that to you---you do it to me all the time.

Rachel:  You do it to me, too.

Brendon jumps out of bed, holding a blanket in front of him, and moves to the table to eat his slop.
Brendon brings up the cameras, OF COURSE, and says that he bets lots of people that they know are watching them right now.

Brendon :  Because the feeds are probably on us, right?

Rachel:  Yep!

Brendon proceeds to do a bunch of friends and family shout outs, so Rachel feels compelled to, also, especially Reilly, her nephew.  (I hope Reilly isn't watching this...)

Needless to say, these two are ALWAYS ALL ABOUT putting on a show for the cameras.  Now Rachel says she is "way better than Holly Madison", and explains to Brendon that Holly got a reality show in Vegas even though "she's not really Vegas".

[If Rachel gets a TV show, I am probably going to have to leave the country.]

As usual, I feel dirty after watching them bump uglies although it is probably as real as a porn movie.

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