Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kristin: She Picked the Wrong Girl to Fuck With!

Britney went in to the Cabana Room to "get some lotion" and started a conversation with Kristin and Hayden.  She gave Kristin props for being able to handle all of that the way she did.

Britney:  I would have been curled into the fetal position!

Kristin:  That's the way things always turn out for me...I almost expect it.  I did expect this, and I expect to be put up.

Hayden apologizes, too.  He usually is not a confrontational person.

Hayden:  Where I'm from, in the country, if you have a confrontation with somebody, you don't talk about just get physical!

Britney: This may be naive, but  I hope things can get smoothed over and everything can be okay this week.

Kristin, interrupting:  It's not.  It's not going to be.  She picked the wrong girl to fuck with!

OH SNAP:  During the fight Hayden said that Rachel didn't have any common sense and dared her to try and string together a sentence without using the word 'Like".

Ha ha ha. They have to show us some of that on Sunday.

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