Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kristin is Back

but she isn't wearing her hippietard yet.  She says she "can't wait to see it".  Matt says she's going to rock it.

She asked questions about Hayden's new quarters.  They discovered that Hayden's little toilet area has no camera, so it is probably the only private spot in the house.

Matt:  What are you doing now, Hayden?

Kristin:  Do they have anything for you to sit on in there?

Hayden: There is a beach chair. And a toilet...I can sit on the toilet.

 Hayden curses and Lane jokes that there are only two flushes. Kristin leaves to look for Kathy.

Lane asks if there are pillows in there, and Hayden says, yeah, there's a couple...

Lane:  Put 'em under the sheets and sneak out!


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