Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Kosher Ass Kissing Begins

Britney calls out:  Andrew, your future wife is watching this!

Enzo says "that Andrew is a competitor".

Rachel calls out:  Matt, you're awesome, Ragan you're awesome, Andrew you're awesome!

Enzo guffaws and doesn't even hide it.  Her asskissing is blatant.

Britney:  Matt is ready to use the HOH bathroom without asking!  He's ready to take his throne!

Britney comments that Andrew's water stream always started before hers, and "look at his gutter".  I think he got a badly placed surfboard.  The creaking noises start up again.

Matt is bored.  Pun intended.  A bad one, but a pun nonetheless.
Enzo tells BB:  I would be very appreciative if I get to eat tonight!

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