Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kathy Gets Tarted Up

Brendon looks handsome--must be all that sex he's having.

Nobody out-tarts Rachel, though.

I wonder if she is going to lose the kneesocks, though.  The camera guys do, too, because they just did closeups of them.

Monet is calm, having to share a mirror with the Prostitution Whore.  (A tasteless RHONJ joke.)  Rachel is very dressed up compared to everyone else, who is looking forward to a long night of competition.  Rachel said this might be her only time to do a live interview with Julie Chen.  She must think she is staying a long time, then, huh?

They are all saying Kristin looks good but I can't see her.  She straightened her hair and is telling Monet that she could save time by only straightening the top.

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